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SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix

SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix is specially made to support the growth rate of all aquatic plants; contains Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Molybdenum and EDTA which improves the photosynthetic efficiency and root development. Content: 150, 250 or 500
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SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix


SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix is ​​a complete plant fertilizer that has been specially made for the ''beginning'' aquarist. This plant nutrition contains the most important nutritional elements for almost all aquarium plants without phosphate and nitrate. If the conditions are not completely stable, phosphate and nitrate are often absorbed more quickly by algae than aquarium plants. By not adding these elements to the plant nutrition, algae growth is actively counteracted and the growth of aquarium plants is actively supported.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix is ​​a balanced mix of micro and macro elements which aquarium plants use daily for growth, color and leaf formation. This plant nutrition, for example, consists of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, molybdenum, EDTA and trace elements.

In addition to improving growth and colors, the SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix prevents the melting of (new) aquarium plants. The added iron elements also actively improve leaf formation and (red) coloring in aquarium plants.

Difference between SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix and SL-aqua Bing Tsau Shrimp Tank

Both fertilizers are complete plant nutrition, safe for use in shrimp aquariums. The difference between these 2 fertilizers is in the composition of the micro and macro elements. For example, the SL-aqua shrimp tank (ST) version is more tailored to the most commonly used aquarium plants in shrimp aquariums such as mosses and bucephalandra plants. The SL-aqua Mix version is formulated for a wider range of aquarium plants. For example, this nutrition is good to use for the most common aquarium plants such as green & red stem plants, floating plants, etc.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix is fully compatible with other plant fertilizers and additives.


  • Usual maintenance: 8mL for every 100 Liters of water every other day
  • In a new aquarium: 4mL for every 100 Liters of water every other day
  • Each Press: 2mL

Content: 150, 250 or 500 milliliters.

Our (recommended) selling price for the 150 milliliters: € 11,95

Our (recommended) selling price for the 250 milliliters: € 18,95

Our (recommended) selling price for the 500 milliliters: € 28,95

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