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Distribution / Wholesale info is the official distributor for multiple brands like Shrimps Forever, SL-aqua, Collar, BLAU and more. If you have a valid TAX-number you can register on our website (business only). After registration we will verify and approve your account. If we did approve your account you will get an notification by email, after which you can acces your account. 

After you signed in the prices will appear with the products. You can now make an order with us. Please remind that for the first order payment is in advance. For future orders we have a 14-days payment condition which means you have 14 days to pay for your order after the moment of shipping.

Larger orders get bigger discount. For every € 200,- spent you get 1% discount with a maximum of 5% for orders of € 1000,- or more. This way it is possible to improve your own margin by 5%. The discount will be calculated automaticaly by our system.

You can find our shipping prices here. If your country is not in the list yet we will add it after we approved your registration. 

Pallet shipments; there are some products which can only be shipped by pallet, like BLAU aquariums, this to ensure that the products will not be damaged in transport.

- Pallet prices change day to day, for a shipping estimate to your address we kindly ask to contact us at [email protected]. This way we can give you an accurate quote.

- We offer a discount on pallet shipping prices to compensate for the higher shipping prices. We know that transport via pallet is quite expensive, this is why we offer a 5% additional discount of your total order value to compensate for the pallet shipping costs.

- Example: If you make an order with us for € 2000,- which is shipped on a pallet we give a 5% (€100,-) discount on your pallet shipping price. If shipping a pallet to your address would cost € 150,- we only charge you € 50,- for the shipment.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask us at any time: [email protected].