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Collar Acleaner black

The Collar Acleaner is a strong algae magnet that effortlessly cleans algae and other dirt of the glass. Because of the safe pads on both sides, this is done without scratches and damage. Suitable for glass thicknesses up to 10 millimeters.
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Collar Acleaner black


The Collar Acleaner is designed for cleaning glass from different types of algae and other filth without scratching or damaging the glass. A powerful neodymium magnet securely holds the scraper on the glass during operation.

The inner part of this algae cleaner is square which ensures good cleaning up to the corners of the aquarium. The inner part also floats when it comes off the outer part, so you can easily switch around the corners without the magnet sinking.

The outer part is equipped with a convenient folding handle.

The Collar Acleaner magnetic scraper is suitable for aquariums with glass thickness up to 10 mm (1 cm).

Color: Black

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