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BLAU CO2 nano set

The BLAU CO2 nano set is for aquarium up to approx. 150 liter. The complete set includes a disposable CO2 cartridge + stand, nano regulator, 3-in-1 diffuser and air tube.
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BLAU CO2 nano set


  • A complete CO2 system with an elegant nano design
  • A precise and stable CO2 regulation
  • A 3-in-1 diffuser, which ensures a maximum CO2 efficiency

How to use the product

  • Ensure that the regulator is fully off before you mount the regulator on the CO2 cartridge
  • Fill the diffuser-chamber with waterr
  • Place the cartridge in the rack, slide the suction cups on the hose and mount the hose to the regulator and the diffuser
  • Mount the diffuser with the suction cups at the inner side of the tank near the bottom and place the hose in the back corner
  • Leave the diffuser for 24h in the tank to ensure that the ceramic disc is fully moistened
  • Open the regulator carefully and count the number of bubbles per minute in the diffuser-chamber
  • Wait 5 minutes, adjust and repeat until the number of bubbles per minute is similar to the recommendation in the table (see picture)

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