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Cinnamon croissant 6cm

The cinnamon croissant is very suitable for use in aquariums and have an antibacterial effect. They have a decorative value and give a natural look to the aquarium.
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Cinnamon croissant 6cm


Our Cinnamon croissants are very suitable for use in the aquarium and have an antibacterial effect. These cinnamon croissants are of the best quality and come from Sri Lanka. This product contains natural substances that also occur in the natural habitat of fish and shrimp, like: tannins, essential oils and humic acids. These croissants prevent diseases and fungi in a natural way.

The croissants have a decorative value and give the aquarium a natural look. The croissants perish slowly in the aquarium and therefore provide long-term food for shrimp and fish.

Note: These cinnamon croissants have been specially treated for the use in aquariums. The cinnamon products you find elsewhere originate often from China and contain small amounts of coumarin. This substance is harmful to aquarium animals.

Contents: 1 cinnamon croissant (approx. 6 centimeters).

Usage: Use 1 cinnamon croissant for approximately 100-150 liters. The croissants are easily divided into 2 to 3 pieces with a small saw / strong scissors.

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