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Biomax astaxanthin

Biomax astaxanthin has been specially developed to improve the coloring of shrimps. Astaxanthin ensures that shrimp produce more pigment for a better color coverage. Astaxanthin helps especially with enhancing the red color.
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Biomax astaxanthin


Biomax astaxanthin is a natural colorant. It is naturally supports the red color of the shrimp, crabs, crayfish, etc. It is industrially produced from the algae Haematococcus Pluvialis.

Astaxanthin is related to the known carotenoids β-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein, but has a 10 times greater effect than the beta-carotenes.

Astaxanthin not only provides an improvement of the red colors, but also provides more pigment for all colors of your shrimps. More pigment means a more beautiful and intensive colour of the shrimp.

Besides this astaxanthin has a vitamin-effect and therefore has a positive effect on the health, fertility and the immune system of shrimps. It's also suitable for crayfish, crabs and other crustatians.


Once a week 1/5 spoon per 100 liters of water. Spoon included.


50 grams in the form of powder (spoon included).

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